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Welcome to Pro Plus Garden Centre! We are a popular manufacturer & supplier of nursery plants in Grand Cayman. At our centre, we help you increase greenery in your home keeping the best quality, effective service and low price in mind. Want to upgrade your balcony or backyard? We have ceramic pots, clay pots, cement pots, plastic pots and hanging pots for your perfect balcony makeover!

Whether it is indoor plants, outdoor plants, flower plants, fruit plants, bonsai plants, hanging plants, medicinal plants, palms or lucky bamboo, we have the perfect plant for every lawn and garden.

When you buy plants for your backyard, front yard or balcony of your home or office, we will guide you on how you can keep your plants looking healthy and fresh. You can depend on us for quality topsoil, potting soil, fertilisers, herbicide and pesticide for your nursery plants and pots.

Why buy from Pro Plus Garden Centre?

Healthy & rightly labelled quality plants

Complete plant & pot offerings personally selected by our experts

Large & unique selection of plants

Plants kept in favourable conditions

Plants first trialled in our test gardens

Skilled & knowledgeable horticultural team

100% customer satisfaction

On-Site Consultation

Free Delivery

For free delivery of plants & on-site consultation