Planning, Designing and Installation

Pro Plus Ltd is known for offering fabulous landscaping designs. We have paved the way to establish ourselves as #1 landscaping and gardening centre in Grand Cayman. All the homeowners in the Island simply love us for producing a beautiful landscape environment at amazing prices.

For the past 20 years, we are the experts in landscaping and gardening design and installation. In Grand Cayman, a vast variety of hotels and healthcare providers, institutions, parks and private residences are our happy clients.

No residential or commercial project is too big or too small for us! Whether you want us to start from a bare ground or renovate an existing landscape, we can make your vision come to life.

We are proud of our landscape architects who are constantly indulged in seeking new and unique designs to create wonders to your exterior environment. Apart from our emphasis on constant quality, we admire the shades of colours that go along with building a heavenly environment.

Our planners, designers and landscaping professionals will work with you from the first to the last stage of the project. From planning, designing to installation, we are dedicated to supporting you at every step of the way! Let us make your landscaping journey and destination beautiful! Our experts always stay on-site to ensure your landscape is completed properly.

Please contact our landscaping expert on the many options for landscaping in the Island of Grand Cayman. The right landscape design with the perfect plantings can make your investment develop into a valuable asset to your home or property.

For the best landscape installation services.